Recent Question/Assignment

Summer Semester 2016
1. Form a group of up to four students
2. Choose a team leader
3. Select a country to be the subject of your assignment.
4. The report should be approximately 1,500 words in length
5. The team leader should send an email to the Macroeconomics instructor ( containing the names and student ID numbers of the members of your group as well as the name of the chosen country.
6. If you cannot find a group, contact the instructor asap.
Question 1
What is the current macroeconomic situation of your chosen country? (6 marks)
Question 2
What are two major macroeconomic problems in this country and what is the main cause of each problem? (7 marks)
Question 3
What can the government (or other domestic entity) do to solve each of these problems? (7 marks)
? An excellent source of material is The CIA World Factbook
? Consider such variables as:
• GDP (PPP basis)
• per capita income
• growth of GDP
• ratio of work force to total population
• employment and unemployment
• inflation
• income distribution
• exports and imports
• size of government (expenditure as a share of GDP)
• public debt
? Use a comparator such as the world economy, India or the United States