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CIS8011 – assessment item
Case Based Learning Activity 2
Due date: (See the course website)
Value: 5%
Description: Essay
Assessment Question:
Write an essay – using 250 words only – to answer the following question:
Assessment Question:
You are a start up with a digital idea. Write an essay to outline your idea, its value proposition, revenue sources, cost structure, relevant customer and key activities and resources involved. Outline how you plan to fund the idea and the strategy to convert the idea to an innovation.
Special Instructions
1. Remember, you need to do TWO reviews, mark the work of other students submitted through peer review system, once you have submitted your own assessment item.
2. You need to upload your essay in pdf file through the link available on the course web site.
3. You are not required to submit the plagiarism report for the journal. However, you are strongly recommended to check the journals using a plagiarism application (this can be any application that detects plagiarism) and keep the report safely. If the report is found to contain
‘similarities’ then you will be awarded with a ‘zero’ and automatically referred to the Faculty for further action.
4. Email submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstance.
5. Students should complete this assignment individually. You are encouraged to discuss the assignment with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements but you should develop the solution to the assignment on your own.
6. Any delays in submission MUST be accompanied with proper approval documentation, despite the course leader approving this. So please attach the approval to this assignment as markers may not have access to delay approvals. If the approval documentation is not found, late penalty, as per university rules, will be levied.
7. Assignments MUST be submitted in the link provided. If they are not submitted via the link, then it is assumed that submission was not made. If the assignments were submitted in other locations, it is very difficult to track them, as the course team have no access to other locations.
8. No need to attach plagiarism report. You keep it for any future reference.
9. Late submission may attract penalties as per the USQ/BELA requirements (for further details see the )
10. The following is the criteria will be adopted to evaluate for Case Based Learning activities:
A:- LEVEL OF SYNTHESIS - Maximum Marks (40%)
C:- READABILITY - Maximum Marks (20%)
D:- QUALITY OF WRITING - Maximum Marks (20%)
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