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CISC 640
Nova Southeastern University
Research Project Assignment
Write a research paper (must not exceed 10 double-spaced pages including references) on a specific focus based on the topic listed below. On the first page of your document include the title, and author. Begin the body of your paper immediately following the title information. For the paper, you need to locate at least 5 references to published research papers. The references must be from published sources within the last ten years selected from an IEEE or ACM journal or conference proceedings – do not use trade journals!
The Design of an Operating System Performance Evaluation and Analysis
• Describe your focus on the given topic (a specific OS component, OS technology, or aspect of a modern operating system that is the target of the design of an evaluation and analysis).
• Your work will describe the methods used to measure and analyze the target component, OS technology, or aspect of a modern operating system.
• What is the significance of the topic as related to the field of computer science and industry?
• What are the fundamental elements of evaluation and analysis within the topic focus?
• What is the future direction of the topic? (Base this both on the research that supports your thoughts on the topic.)
You must write an essay (word processor document) submitted to Blackboard. Your paper should pay close attention to maintaining a consistent flow in form. The document must be well written and should be proofread for detail and accuracy. Use one inch margins, double spacing throughout the document and the font must be Times Roman typeface. Use citations to provide evidence of your analysis. Citations and references must be in APA format. Use 12-point font size for the body of the text.
The written work will be judged based upon the quality of your writing (grammar, word selection, clarity, organization, and smoothly flowing discussion), and your understanding of the content (accuracy, analysis, and synthesis) related to your chosen focus within the assigned topic area.
Your ZIP file must include the following:
A word file with the research paper.
A copy of all sources cited in your research review report.