Recent Question/Assignment

You are the Personal Assistant to the Manager of a small business. The Manager asks you toComplete these tasks:
a. Using Microsoft Word, prepare a letter of thanks to the shareholders for their donations and participation in the end-of-year gala event.
b. Using PowerPoint, produce a report, include a spreadsheet with a simple budget used for the event (eg. Expenses and donations received), total all expenses and donations
c. Using a template from your preferred software program, create a memo to remind staff about the upcoming staff meeting, add a slide from PowerPoint to include as an agenda or you can also prepare a short agenda.
Draft and finalise the three documents.
To develop the documents, make sure that you do the following:
? Scope the documents to decide exactly what information it will contain.
? Identify every task that must be done to produce the documents.
? Prepare a time line and allocate some time for every task.
? Develop the documents.
? Check the documents for its structure, layout, organisational requirement.
? Proofread and edit the documents for spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Finalise it and print according to organisation requirements.
After you have completed the above task, answer the following questions in brief :
1. How did you Proofread the documents?
2. How did you check the documents to confirm that it meets the organisational requirement?
3. Did you make any changes to the documents? If ‘Yes’ then how did you edit and save the changes.
4. Did you name, file and store the documents in an appropriate way. Explain how you have done this. (Hint: naming and filing convention as per the organisation’s policies and procedures)
5. Did you send the documents to the intended recipients?
6. Describe any difficulties you had when producing these documents and explain how they were overcome.