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Assigned Work (Clearly indicate all assumptions and references)
1. A 500 m2 light colored swimming pool is located at (a) normal suburban site, (b) well-sheltered site, where the measured wind speed at 10 m height is 3 m/s. The water temperature is 25oC, the ambient air temperature is 17oC with relative humidity of 60%. There are no swimmers in the pool, the temperature of make-up water is 22oC, and the solar irradiation on a horizontal surface for the day is 20.2 MJ/m2-d. How much energy must the solar system supply (Qss) to the pool to keep its temperature to 25oC for both conditions? Make an energy balance in the pool and make a reaction with your answer.
2. A fully mixed water storage tank contains 500 kg of water, has UA product equal to 12 W/oC, and is located in a room that is at a constant temperature of 20oC. The tank is examined in a 10 h period starting from 5 am where the Qu is equal to 0, 0, 0, 10, 21, 30, 40, 55, 65, 55 MJ. The load is constant and equal to 12 MJ in the first 3 h, 15 MJ in the next 3 h, and 25 MJ at the rest of the time. Carry out the computation to find the final storage tank temperature using per hour interval if the initial temperature is 45oC. Make use of spreadsheet program for your calculation and send the file with your answer and reaction.