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ASSIGNMENT: Consumer Research Project
DUE: November 23 2016, 3 pm
MARKS: 100
PURPOSE: To assess the understanding, knowledge, and application of theoretical knowledge on consumer behaviour, its external influencers, consumption in organisational and societal contexts, and the implications for marketing strategies.
TASK: Use secondary research, your own thoughts / ideas to answer the questions; this
assignment must be your own individual effort.
Task I Summary 5 marks
Task I l External Influence: Demographics 10 marks
Task Ill External Influence: Households 10 marks
Task IV External Influence: Social classes 10 marks
Task V External Influence: Culture 10 marks
Task VI Decision-making Process: Organisations 35 marks
Task Vil Consumer Movements 20 marks
1. In this assignment, you will continue working on the same brand that you have analysed in the first assignment. Your objective will be to assess the influence of external factors, the organisational context of buying the similar product, and broader societal issues.
Write a report that addresses each task that is outlined below. Answer all of the following questions and follow the structure given below. Please note that your answers should be based on your understanding of the theory applied to your chosen brand and company. If you use (quote or paraphrase) information taken from any sources (especially the company website) you are required to reference appropriately.
2. You are required to research information about your focus brand and the company to answer the assignment questions. You may want to use a combination of the following secondary data sources company website; company promotional material; magazine or newspaper articles; industry reports; scholarly articles / business databases in the library; internet; personal observation
3. Presentation of assignment. Presentation is a key aspect of professional marketing hence the quality of your assignment is very important. The following criteria will be considered to assess the quality of your work: presentation - clear structure and following of instructions; signs of effort given to this assignment; correct referencing; correct language, grammar and spelling. Your assignment should be word processed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 spacing between lines, 3 cm margin on the right side of the page (for marking purposes).
The word limit is 2500 words. Please provide the word count on the submitted assignment. Additional supporting information and other relevant material should be included in an appendix at the end of the report. The appendix and reference list are not included in the word count.
4. Referencing
Correct referencing (including in-text referencing and a reference list at the end of the assignment) is a requirement of all academic work. Please reference using APA (6th ed.) referencing. Information about referencing and APA guidelines are available on EIT online or from the EIT library. Learning Services can also offer assistance.
A signed plagiarism declaration must be submitted. Your assignment will only be marked if a signed declaration is submitted. Please note that your signature confirms that you have read and understood the requirements of referencing and you have referenced your work. Expect serious consequences for intentional plagiarism. Please seek support if required, as not understanding how to reference is not accepted as an excuse!
Please detach the plagiarism declaration (the last page of this handout). Sign the declaration and

submit this page with your assignment.
l. Summary 5 marks
Provide a brief summary of main points discussed in the first assignment 5 marks
l l . External Influences: Demographics 10 marks
a. Explain and clarify how demographics influenced your purchase decision 5 marks
b. Taking into account the influence of demographics on consumption, suggest at least two relevant marketing strategies/tactics for the company. 5 marks
I l l . External Influences: Households 10 marks
c. Explain and clarify how household structure influenced your purchase decision 5 marks
d. Taking into account the influence of households on consumption, suggest at least two relevant marketing strategies/tactics for the company. 5 marks
IV. External Influences: Social Classes 10 marks
e. Explain and clarify how social classes influenced your purchase decision 5 marks
f. Taking into account the influence of social classes on consumption, suggest at least two relevant marketing strategies/tactics for the company. 5 marks
V. External Influences: Culture 10 marks
g. Explain and clarify how culture influenced your purchase decision 5 marks
h. Taking into account the influence of culture on consumption, suggest at least two relevant marketing strategies/tactics for the company. 5 marks
VI. Buyer Decision-Making Process: Organisational Markets
Taking the perspective of a business client of your choice, discuss how the decision process for the same product/brand would have been different at the following stages (assume that you work at the procurement department of a large company): 35 marks
a. problem recognition 7 marks
b. information search 7 marks
c. evaluation of alternatives 7 marks
d supplier choice and purchase 7 marks
post-purchase processes 7 marks
Vll. Consumer Movement
The originally chosen brand and the company being the focus, discuss relevant societal issues. 20 marks
a. Identify societal issues based on which you could initiate a local consumerist movement (these must be relevant to the brand and the company). How would you name such a movement? What objectives would this organisation pursue? 10 marks
b. Discuss ways through which the company could become more environmentally sustainable. 10 marks