Recent Question/Assignment

So i want to build a tugboat that basically has a boat with a receiver of some sort that follows another dummy boat with a transmitter of some sort and the follower boat would have collision avoidance.
I was wondering if you could write up a proposal for this project.
Cover letter with Thesis Statement
Design Criteria
Design Issues and considerations
Collision Avoidance Details
Split responsibilities for each person ( divide responsibilities into 4 people we have 3 Computer engineers and one electrical engineer)
Please try and keep budget in mind so pick Sensors and transmitters and stuff that is at low cost.
for like funding and stuff to use this is the breakdown around
Funding request total: $1000
Boats: $200
IR LEDs: $20, Atmel chip: $10, board: $10, additional (wires, etc.): $20
Raspberry Pi kit: $70
Motor: $50, Solenoids: $20, Sensors; $20