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Assessment 3: Individual Research Paper
Assessment Overview:
Write an individual paper on American Apparel (fashion company). You will apply various product development and production management tools, with the view of appraising the best structure and strategies for the organization with a strong focus on sustainability and industry standards.
Assignment instructions:
This individual research paper will demonstrate the application of thorough research in all the aspects of product development, production management, quality assurance and quick response practices.
Having chosen American Apparel within the textiles or fashion industry, examine and appraise the product development and production management strategies. Include quality assurance strategies, quick response practices employed and sustainability systems as part of your appraisal and assessment.
Reflect on these strategies and practices and assess in relation to the chosen company’s industry sector. Examine industry practices of quality management and sustainability systems and reflect on and assess your company’s practices against this industry benchmark. Compare the Quality management and Sustainability systems between American Apparel and ZARA
The following criteria will be considered and assessed:
Choice of Label for Analysis
Structure and flow of presentation
Correct bibliography and referencing
Thorough research from primary and secondary sources 5
Depth of topic, research and reference material 5
Examination and appraisal of the following systems:
? Product development
? Production management
? Quality management
? Quick response practices
? Sustainability systems 10
Evaluation of company product management practices against industry benchmarks 10
Submission information:
? Meet the required word count of 2000 words
? Size 12 Arial Font
? 1.5 line spacing and margins of 2.5cm
? Numbered headings
? Page numbers
? Contents page
? Use appropriate academic language including APA referencing.
? Include 10 references from varied sources (including textbooks, journals, case studies, magazines, the Internet, utilise various library databases, etc.).
This is a formal academic written assessment. As such, it must be structured in an appropriate format that both conveys the topic of discussion and reflects what is being discussed.
The assessment should consist of:
? Synopsis / Introduction / Body of discussion / Conclusion / Bibliography & Appendices if required.
? Visual references should be used where relevant and electronic files made as small as possible.
? Do not include images or graphics for interest only; they must contribute to the discussion and critique of the topic

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