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Submit 1,500-word project report explaining how the various Project Management concepts could be applied to your project and within your organization or any other project of your choice; reflecting on the submission of practical activities throughout the semester. Your report should include a realistic approach to achieving project success.
The purpose is to develop professional skills through the application of theoretical knowledge and understanding
Criteria: A report, which demonstrates thorough understanding of the context within which projects are implemented and a realistic approach to achieving project success.
A well-structured and understandable report appropriate for an audience of project sponsors.
The topics will include:
1. Project definition and scoping
2. Project failures and successes
3. Unique features of IT project management
4. Project management life cycle
5. Project scope management
6. Project time management
7. Project cost management
8. Project quality management
9. Project human resource management
10. Project communications management
11. Project risk management
12. Project procurement management

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