Recent Question/Assignment

Question: Economics of emergency department waiting times
Waiting times are synonymous with Emergency Departments. Select one state in Australia and provide the overall statistics on emergency department waiting times (including the expected wait times based on categories). Provide three options to improve wait times and the cost savings attributed to that change (N.B. If the change will not involve any savings provide a very good justification why or consider another option).
You will be assessed on the following:
Report Format use and length – use of an executive summary (ES) Contents Page (CP) matching section headings in text, with page numbering.
Keeping to the word limit of 2700 words. This excludes the ES, CP and references. Words in tables count towards your word count.
Academic writing skills, construction of paragraphs - written in a formal academic style, edited for spelling, grammar and language fluency, citation and referencing.
Contents relevant to the subject and topic adequately covered.
Ability to support argument with evidence. For example, say “this resulted in an increase in spending by 10% over the 2007-2010 period”, NOT ‘this resulted in an increase in spending”.
Evidence of critical analysis of sources and content, eg strengths, weaknesses identified, recommendations made for improvements, etc.
20 references in APA format