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Individual Assessment 4: Enhancing the benefits and understanding systems Assessment value: 15% (individual work)
All assessments can be found in the Assessment folder in Blackboard.
It is essential that when embarking on a project, a detailed investigation is undertaken to identify and maximise the potential benefits, to identify the potential adverse issues as early as possible, and to incorporate measures to mitigate their consequences.
For example, the overall EWB Challenge consists of a total of nine individual projects. Therefore, the actions undertaken in relation to an individual project should not adversely affect any of the other projects. This requires a systems approach in order to understand the linkages and relationships between specific projects and the influential factors which play a key role.
An individual report should be built on the previous assessments and readings undertaken and lectures conducted.
Scope of the report
You should specifically focus on the selected EWB project. Your report should adhere to the following outline and use the headings provided (content provided in italics):
• Introduction o Tell the executive team very briefly what is covered in the report
• Systems Analysis
Preferably in a table format:
o Identify the possible linkages and relationships between your project and the other
(major) EWB project topic areas o Identify any potential beneficial or adverse impacts of your design strategy on the other project areas
o If there are positive or beneficial issues, what can you do to further enhance their potential benefits and thereby increase the success of the project
• Discussion and Conclusion o Adopting a holistic view, briefly discuss the contribution of the selected project to the overall EWB Challenge
Some of the issues that you discuss may overlap with what was presented in the previous assessments. However, you should use this as an opportunity to further improve what has been discussed previously.
New material should be introduced at this stage as your own understanding would further expand with new knowledge being introduced in class.
Ensuring a good mark
Strictly adhere to the report format given. Be succinct and precise. Using dot points in conjunction with supporting sentences is acceptable where appropriate. Seek out good quality resources from a
range of different types, primarily from the academic and industry literature. Be selective in your use of popular media and try to find the original sources.
Wikipedia is not an appropriate technical reference. It can, however, be used as a resource to gather basic information only and then to identify more appropriate technical resources that can be referenced.
Submission details
You shall submit a soft copy online, in PDF format, through BlackBoard (DO NOT SUBMIT A
HARDCOPY AS IT WILL NOT BE MARKED). Online submission is via BlackBoard by clicking ‘Learning
Resources’ which will take you to the Unit Map which all of you should be familiar. Look for ‘Individual Work 4’ and ‘View Assignment’. You should now be able to upload your assignment. You should now be able to upload your assignment.
The due date can be found in the Unit Map on Blackboard, as noted above. If you do not submit your assignment by the due date, it will not be marked and you will receive a grade of 1 (or 0%). If circumstances prevent you from completing your assignment by the due date, you can apply for an extension via the stipulated QUT procedure. If you do not have an approved extension (via Student Services only), you should submit the work you have completed by the due date and it will be marked against the assessment criteria. These requirements reflect the importance of meeting deadlines in professional practice.
More information can be found at assignments-andextensions.
Report format
• Maximum two page length excluding references (and cover page if used). Even if you go over the page limit, only the first two pages of the report will be given a mark;
• The referencing style should be QUT specified Harvard style. For guidance, please refer to
• Wikipedia is not an appropriate technical reference. However, it can be used as a resource to gather basic information and to identify more appropriate technical resources;
• Please use the headings provided under “Scope of the report”
• Font: 12pt Times New Roman;
• Single column;
• 2.5 cm margins on all four sides with single line spacing.
QUT considers plagiarism as a very serious offence and significant penalties apply. We will take steps to report such cases for appropriate action.
Please note that if you use material from another publication or webpage, the original documentation must be appropriately cited and referenced. Failure to do so will be considered as plagiarism. If you are copying material directly, word for word, the text needs to be given in quotation marks. Copying from other students reports is totally unacceptable. Poorly executed paraphrasing can also constitute plagiarism.