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ACC717 Law Media Communication
Assignment 2 50%
2000 words
Due: Monday, October 10, 5pm
Question: Compare and contrast TWO case studies in communication (PR, journalism, media production, etc) for what they tell us about the importance of legal considerations to professional practice- i.e. why do your chosen cases teach you something, and what do they teach you?
NB: What you are engaging in with this assignment is Reflective Practice. This means reflecting on actual examples and applying your informed observations to an argument about professional communication.
You can select examples from the unit topics from Contempt of Court through to Copyright, or select your own (providing they are substantial enough to cover 2000 words).
Assignment Advice
• Word count does not include reference list or in text references
• Use Harvard Referencing Guide (available via Deakin Sync/Study)
• There is no prescribed number of references for this assignment.
• Format - at least 12pt font, 1.5 or double line spacing, page numbers
• Uploaded file must be in either MS Word or PDF, to enable Turnitin to read it. Other file types will not be marked
• English as Additional Language students can obtain assignment advice and support from the Language and Learning Advisors at DSA
• Extensions need an application form (via Faculty student page) and supporting documentation, no later than three working days before due date (except in unforeseen circumstances)
• Refer to readings supplied in E Readings and also conduct your own research to support your argument
• Support your position with your selected example (s) and secondary material (readings or broadcast material).
• If you are confused by the assignment question, please ask for clarification early so that the best support/advice can be provided for you.

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