Recent Question/Assignment

1. Reflective Report (25%): 1700 words (excluding reference list at the end and Appendix)
Write a reflective report based your final learning plan consisting of a minimum of four (4) academic references from the myReadings list. You are required to cite these sources both intext and at the end in your reference list using APA 6th ed. It is essential that you use the appropriate reflective style of writing with a report format for this assignment using headings and sub-headings (submission is via Turnitinwith an Assignment Cover Sheet). To be more specific, your reflective report should include the following information:
• Self-evaluate your learning development and learning experiences in this unit. Provide examples, taken from your learning plan, of personal learning goals. Evaluate your outcomes (Did I achieve my goals? What is my evidence to support this claim?) and reflect on your learning in relation to unit content (e.g. What did I learn? What strategies worked and why? What will I do differently in the future?).
• Identify constraints (or barriers) and enablers (or supports) to your learning.
• Identify learning strategies you will adopt in future learning situations.
• Discuss the qualities of an effective oral presentation and the strategies you will need to employ to give a successful academic presentation. Reflect on your own experiences of giving an oral presentation.
• Describe the academic skills learnt in this unit that is required in your discipline of study (e.g. Business, Tourism, Health, Science, and Arts).
• Identify some clear recommendations. Discuss concrete strategies to improve your learning skills for your future studies and/or professional career.
• Appendix: Your learning plan presented in a table format in landscape.
2. Final Learning Plan (20%): No word limit
This is an update of your original learning plan, which you submitted in Assessment 1, incorporating an evaluation and reflection of your progress this session. The development, review, reflection, and modification of your learning plan is required to be evident throughout the session. Your final learning plan is the same as the first one you submitted for Assessment 1. The only difference is that your final learning plan includes a fifth column with your regular evaluation and reflections (Evaluation of Outcomes and Reflection) and includes modifications and additions based on your ongoing reflections (e.g. you may add in more goals, strategies, constraints, and enablers). It should also incorporate the feedback received on your initial learning plan submitted in Week 3 (Assessment 1). The feedback you received on your first learning plan will assist you with completing your final learning plan. Do not delete anything you were not asked to remove. Any additions or changes need to be in a different coloured font (e.g. red or blue) so that your updates are easily identified. Your final learning plan is marked based on a demonstration of your ongoing review, reflection, and modification.
Both your final Learning Plan and Reflective Report are due at the same time. They are submitted as one assessment (with an electronic cover page) on Sunday 9 October by 11.00pm (end of Week 13).
An example of a final learning plan from a previous student as well as an example of a report plan are attached. These are to assist you only and MUST NOT be copied.