Recent Question/Assignment

Word count -3000
Choose any One topic out of Last Five weeks lectures (Week7 to Week 11) and research the topic in more depth and present your paper with written report and presentation.
For example if you choose a topic on Trade Policy you need to do research on this topic and write a report which will analyse how Trade policies are affecting the countries and companies in their pursuit of market expansion or market share or profitability. You need to elaborate on both sides of the arguments as which countries/industries and winning and which countries/industries are loosing or have not enjoyed the benefits of particular Trade policy of a country or group of countries.
You need to research at least 5 to 10 sources /articles for your paper. Simply cut and paste from Google is not acceptable. Academic research is the key to get good marks with proper references. (APA style or Harvard Business)
To make sure that we have papers on variety of topics in the subject: policy of ‘first-come, first-served basis” is followed. That means you need to come and register your topic ASAP with your lecturer so that no other group can take your topic for this paper.