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CHCCSL502A Assessment 2 V2.0
Assessment 2: Critical Reflection 1
Student Instructions
The purpose of this assessment is for you to reflect on your communication skills and how you would use these skills in your practice as a counsellor.
A key practice in the community service industry is that of reflection. In order to give our clients the best service possible, we as workers need to continually reflect on our experiences.
While completing this unit of study, keep a journal for a minimum of 4 weeks. You must have a minimum of 4 diary entries with 300 words for each entry. In the journal you are to record your thoughts and feelings in regards to your interaction with others. These interactions could be with your friends, family, tutor or any other people you communicate with.
In your journal, address the following headings:
• Description – describe the event. Where did it take place, what time of the day, who was present, what happened?
• Describe the communication process – was there two-way communication, how did you show you were listening to the other person – body language, reflecting feeling, etc?
• Feelings – the feelings the event provoked in you. What values of yours did this situation challenge or reinforce?
• Evaluation – what was good or bad about the event? Were there any communication barriers? Were there any cultural issues that needed to be addressed? What types of questions were used? What counselling skills did you note were being used? What was the environment like?
• Conclusion – what can be concluded about the event and what can be concluded about your response/feelings to the event?
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CHCCSL502A Assessment 2 V2.0
• Action plan – what would you do differently in the future? What steps would you now take to move forward with this event? Consider both what you would do or say as a counsellor and what feedback you would give to others.
Submission Instructions
Please proofread your work and include CHCCSL502A - A2 - Your Name in the document header. Make a copy of your assessment. Submit your completed assessment to your tutor for marking via my.evocca using the following file name: CHCCSL502A-A2 Your Name
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