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Assessment Task 2 - Group Assignment
Due date: Week 10 (Friday 05 Oct 2016, 17.00)
Weighting: 25%
Length and/or format: 2,000 words
How to submit: A copy of the assignment must be uploaded onto LEO through Turnitin system. The file number is ACCT604_your Group number.docx.
Only one student per group to submit their group assignment to LEO Turnitin.
Instructions for this task
All assignments must be handed in on the due date. Late assignments will be penalised. Assignments submitted after the due will incur a 10% penalty of the maximum marks available for that assignment. Assignments received more than three calendar days after the due date will not be allocated a mark.
Due dates will be strictly adhered to and extensions will be granted only in cases of extreme circumstances. A student may apply to the NLiC for an extension to the submission date of an assignment. Requests for extension must be made on the appropriate form on or before the due date for submission, and must demonstrate exceptional circumstances which warrant the granting of an extension.
Assignments must:
? Be typed using 1.5 lines spacing left justified.
? Use Ariel or Times New Roman font size 12.
? Display a 2.5 cm margin on all sides.
? Include a page number on each page.
Twenty-five percent of the Australian population of the age over 14, about 4.9 million people, drinks bottled water in an average seven days (Morgan, 2015). Pure Springs Water (PSW) bottles water in Adelaide and sells them across Australia. The water is available in 250mL, 600mL, and 2litre. PET plastic bottles used in packaging are not always recycled and may wind up some general wastes. PSW are transported by truck to warehouses throughout Australia. From the warehouses it is distributed to small shops.
A. Prepare a diagram to show the life cycle for a bottle of water.
B. For each of the stages in the life cycle, identify whatever impacts on society and the environment of not more than 200 words.
C. Identify additional information that you would need to evaluate the environmental impact.
D. Prepare a brief report of not more than 400 words to the shareholders of PSW explaining why it is in their best interests to carefully manage the organisation’s environmental impact.
Morgan, R The endless thirst of Australia’s bottled water drinker, Article No. 6218, Roy Morgan Research 5
May 2015 Available on

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Assessment Task 2 General Scoring Rubric
Criteria/ Requirement Max. Marks Comments
Marks awarded
Introduction 10
• Provide a brief summary for this assessment
• Estimate the cost of the bottled water (optional)
• Estimate the annual profit (optional)
• Provide data from some journal articles or
electronic resources to support your arguments
A. Life cycle for a bottle of water 10
• A set of clear and illustrated diagrams
• Logic flow of the life cycle of a bottle of water
• Not more than 6 stages
B. Impacts on society and the environment 30
• The impacts on society and the environment at
each stage.
• No more than 200 words for each stage
• Clear and readable
C. Additional information for environment 20
• Relevant information provided
• Information particularly related to the bottled
• Provide journal articles to support the
D. A brief report 20
• Explains to the shareholders why PSW needs
to carefully manage the organsiation’s
environment impact
• No more than 400 words
E. Format and additional requirements 10
• Be typed using 1.5 lines spacing left justified.
• Use Ariel or Times New Roman font size 12.
• Display a 2.5 cm margin on all sides.
• Appropriately cite reference original work,
author(s) etc. Citation and referencing must
conform to Harvard Style format (please check
ACU Library website) both in the body of the
paper and its attached reference section..
• Length: Max 2,000 words (word count must be
provided at the end of the report).
Total Marks 100
Final mark = Total Marks x 25% = Marks
* This is a general marking guide only and the lecturer reserves the right to vary this guide when warranted by circumstances in particular submissions.
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