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2216 Rooms Division Management
Semester 2, 2016
Research Project
Due Date: Week 13, Thursday 27th October, 23:59pm
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Length: 1,500 words (± 10%) excluding reference list.
Mode: Individual
Weighting: 20%. Penalties apply for academic misconduct and late submission.
This written assessment item requires you to research a selected area of Rooms Division Management.
You are required to select one (1) of the following topics (from a choice of three) and research the points outlined on the following pages for your chosen topic:
1. Security
2. Technology
3. Environmental Sustainability
Your written assignment must demonstrate evidence of independent research from a range of quality, relevant and up-to-date academic (and other, as appropriate) sources. You must synthesise the information into a succinct written piece that parsimoniously summarises contemporary issues and trends as well as industry responses.
Structure & Format
• 12 point, 1.5-line spacing, 2.54 cm margins, aligned left.
• Title page with name, student number, campus, workshop time.
• Include an abstract (maximum 150 words) on your title page.
• Essay-style: numbered headings and table of contents are unnecessary. It would be advisable to choose appropriate headings to break up your written work.
• References must adhere to APA referencing style.
• 12 point, 1.5-line spacing, 2.54 cm margins, aligned left, single sided.
• The report must be written in third person.
• Sections and pages must be appropriately numbered.
This research project must show evidence of independent research where you are required to include:
• A breadth of quality, peer-reviewed academic sources in researching and writing your report.
• A minimum of seven (7) supporting references, of which at least five (5) must be from academic (i.e. peer-reviewed) sources.
• Use APA referencing style only. All references included in the list must be cited in your report, and vice versa.
• Lecture notes ARE NOT considered an acceptable academic reference and certainly do not demonstrate independent research. The information contained in lecture slides was originally sourced from somewhere, if you want to refer to this information, you must locate and cite the original published source.
Marking criteria
• Detailed marking criteria for the Research Project are available in a separate document on L@G.
Every guest staying in a hotel desires a safe experience while there. However, when making a reservation few enquire about the hotel’s safety or security procedures, instead most guests assume that procedures are in place to adequately protect them throughout their visit. Due to the recent media coverage of terrorist attacks this attitude is changing and guests and staff are now becoming concerned as to the proactive involvement of hotel organisations in the safety of both guests and employees.
In this task you are required to assume the role of Head of Security where you will be required to:
• Describe how the management of security has changed throughout accommodation properties since September 11, 2001.
• Discuss how these changes have improved the safety and security of guests, employees and hotel facilities.
o Include in your response a discussion as to the advantages and disadvantages of in-house versus contract security.
• Identify and describe at least four major security issues facing the industry today.
• Recommend basic security requirements could be implemented to ensure the security issues discussed above are able to be monitored (include industry examples to support your recommendations).
• Explain how the Security Department can assist in ensuring that these requirements will be met.
‘No longer is hotel technology viewed as an operating cost center. Today it is a strategic item in the toolbox of the modern hotel executive’.
(Vallen & Vallen 2012)
Technology, if used effectively, can enhance productivity, services, quality and the bottom line (profitability), while improving areas such as the accommodation product, customer needs, services, systems and procedures.
You will assume the role of the Front Office Manager where you will be required to:
• Describe in detail how technology can be used to enhance the following areas throughout the hotel;
o Front Office - Reservations (FIT’s / Groups) / Reception o Communications, inc. PABX o Guests Services - Concierge
• Include in your response the advantages and disadvantages of using technology throughout these areas.
• Include in your response an example of a specific technology application that could be implemented in each of these areas.
• Describe how the future implementation of computer technology will affect the management of service quality, and the impact that these changes will have on the Rooms Division Management team, work teams and customers. Remember to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages.
Environmental management is a systematic approach to finding practical ways for saving water, energy, and materials, and reducing negative environmental impacts. A proactive environmental management program is a major challenge for the current tourism and hospitality industry but necessary as it helps a property save money, get recognised for environmental leadership, and preserves and protects unique destinations.
In this task you will assume the role of Executive Housekeeper where you will be required to:
• Describe in detail the reasons why the concept of environmental management is a necessary management strategy that should be implemented within the hospitality industry.
• Identify and explain the positive and negative impact that environmental management is having on the tourism and hospitality industry.
• Research and describe sustainable work practices that hotels are implementing via the housekeeping department in the reduction of negative environmental impacts.
• Include in your response an analysis of the impact that these environmental changes have had on guest expectations on the management of housekeeping.