Recent Question/Assignment

Appendix 1: Individual Assignment
Assessment weight 25%
Duration 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes 0 & A
Aim To acquaint students with current issues in auditing and enhance oral communication skills
In consultation with the Lecturer•InCharge. students are required to select an auditing topic from the list provided below. You are expected to cite at least five (5) acceptable sources. If you are not clear what constitutes an acceptable source. please see to your Lecturer•In•Charge.
a. Expectation gap issues
b. Insurance for auditors
c. Similarities and differences between auditors' reports in Australia and a selected foreign country.
d. Environmental auditing
e. Fraud auditing
f. Forensic accounting and auditing
g. Auditing profession
h. Intemal control and auditing
i. Auditors' role in corporate collapses (choose one corporate failure and examine auditor's position in that context)
j. Auditing of corporate governance
k. Issues relating to auditors' independence
I. The role of audit committees in auditing process
m Operational audits
n. Ethics in auditing practice
o. Operational audits
p. Misstatement of financial statements
q. How widespread is creative accounting
r. Law suits against auditors
s. Auditing of not-for•profit organisations
You may consider the selected topic in the context of a country other than Australia.
Your assignment should answer the following questions:
1. Provide a brief overview of the nature of the auditing/ethical issue's involved.
2. How does auditing promote common good?
3. Identify ethical issues. and evaluate those issues from multiple ethical perspectives.