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Assessment 3 Research and Argumentative Essay Due Date: 5 pm Monday 12 September 2016 (Week 9)
What is burnout and what factors contribute to an employee’s perception of burnout in the workplace (e.g., personal characteristics, characteristics of their job, and the work environment)? What are the consequences of burnout for employee well-being? Conduct academic research to decide and explain your answer.
• Support conclusions and recommendations with suitable references, including a MINIMUM of 10 peer reviewed academic journal articles. • 3000 (+/- 10%) words. • Do NOT use non-academic journal references such as use webpages, blogs, newspaper articles, magazines, Wikipedia and others.
• Submission: Upload a soft copy of a Microsoft Word Document (.docx format) to Turnitin on Moodle. Do NOT submit PDF or other format documents (they will not be marked). •