Recent Question/Assignment

Child Protection is a non-profit organisation with headquarter (HQ) located in Sydney and two branch offices located in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. Currently, staff exchange data files over Dropbox-style on a daily basis and to manage the payroll for entire organisation through MS Excel files. Which at the end of the fortnight, the managers in charge of payroll from Melbourne and Brisbane would send all payroll related information to HQ’s payroll manager to process. Due to increasing of staff to work from remote and home and larger data and file exchange on a daily basis. Child Protection is seeking for alternative cloud-based solutions for the efficiency in data and files exchange and addresses the lacking payroll system.
You have been assigned the task of providing Child Protection a proposal for cloud-based to address data and payroll system. Your report proposal should explicitly address the following objectives:
1. Cloud delivery and deployment modules to be used for Child Protection;
2. Explain the impact on current staff from your proposal;
3. Provide a tabulation consists of cost and billing comparison from three major cloud vendors for data exchange and three major cloud vendors for payroll services which are offering from Australia;
4. Briefly describe cloud service information security features from the services cloud vendors that you proposed.