Recent Question/Assignment

in 3rd assignment you have to make a final report.... word limit is 4000 words.. which includes 2500 words from assignment 1 and 2.. and other 1500 words. so total 4000 words..
you can see that criteria for assignment 3 which includes assignment 1 and 2... please read it carefully....
From Assessment 1 (corrected based on feedback and any required revisions):
Your report should include the following:
Proposal Working Title
Project Description
Research question(s)
From Assessment 2 (corrected based on feedback and any required revisions):
Literature Review
Methodology--you will be working with secondary data. This means you can use existing literature, published reports, publicly available data (statistical, demographic, visual)
Actions for Assessment 3:
Findings and discussion from the research
Conclusion - recommendations for implementation, areas for further research, and limitations of the study.
Appendices (if required)