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BSBHRM506A Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes
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Assessment Number: 30964B/01

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Getting started
Once you feel confident that you have covered the learning materials for this unit, you are ready to attempt this assessment.
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Submitting your assessment
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Word Count
In this assessment some of the questions include a word count. This is a guideline only, but your answers should not vary substantially (i.e. +/- 10%) from the word count provided. Microsoft Word includes a word count tool.
Assessment description
You must satisfactorily complete two (2) assessments for BSBHRM506A Manage recruitment selection and induction processes:
• Assessment Number 30964B/01: Written report and portfolio; and
• Assessment Number 30964B/02: Short answer questions and tasks.
The table below identifies the two parts for Assessment Number 30964B/01.
Part Assessment method
Part A Written report
Part B Portfolio
Use the checklist at Appendix B to confirm that you have all of the required components for your assessment submission.
Part A: Report
This part of your assessment is based on the CoffeeVille case study found by clicking here. By clicking the ‘intranet’ tab on this site, you can source the CoffeeVille:
• Business Plan 2011/12
• Operational Plan 2011/12
• Policy and procedure documents
• Employee handbook.
A range of other documents is also within this intranet providing valuable background information about the operation of the business.
Familiarise yourself with the case study, read the scenario below and then follow the instructions to write a business report and submit for assessment.
CoffeeVille is a small cafe in Melbourne, Victoria, run by siblings Rufus and Emma Belcastran. The business was opened in 2009 with a focus on providing high quality, socially responsible products based on fair trade and locally sourced ingredients. Thanks to their strong ethics, delicious menu and friendly atmosphere, Rufus and Emma have experienced such success that they are now opening a second cafe, with plans to expand even further in the future. As the business grows, they want to ensure that they remain true to their staff and are hoping to achieve Employer of Choice (EOC) status.
With a strong focus on their staff during this expansion phase, you have been hired to help Rufus and Emma by developing a new recruitment, selection and induction program. The aim of this program is to attract and select highly qualified and enthusiastic staff, induct them into this family business in a way that helps them to settle in and feel included while also keeping in mind the goal of becoming an EOC. This needs to be done in a way that supports current and future expansion and takes full advantage of the technology options available.
Your brief is to develop an appropriate recruitment, selection and induction program, including policies and procedures, forms and associated documents, and write a comprehensive business report that could be submitted to Rufus and Emma for their approval.
Note: CoffeeVille currently has policy and procedures that relate to human resource management and an employee handbook; however, they have not developed specific policies and procedures for induction processes.
You are to prepare a business report suitable for presentation to the business owners that details the policy and procedure framework you propose for the recruitment, selection and induction programs.
Your report must include the following elements:
1. Executive summary.
2. An analysis of the current strategic and operational plans that identifies where they don’t adequately support the new strategic direction of CoffeeVille.
3. Proposed strategies, policies, procedures that are aligned to CoffeeVille’s new strategic direction. You must include policies and procedures for each of the following:
? Recruitment and Selection
? Induction
Associated forms for each procedure should be included in the appendix section of your report. Refer to the table at Appendix A that lists the processes and objectives that should be reflected in the policies and procedures you develop. You must address each of the items in Table A in your written report.
4. A covering letter that you could send to Rufus and Emma outlining the proposal. Include all the new strategies, policies, procedures and forms for review. Request their review and approval within an appropriate timeframe. Include a copy of the letter in the appendix section of your report.
5. A communication strategy for sharing information about the new program with managers. Highlight the changes and how the new processes align with the new CoffeeVille strategy. Include a schedule for the trial and details on accessing training and support on the new processes.
Write a draft email that could be sent to all managers of CoffeeVille communicating the new policies and procedures and advising them of the upcoming trial of the new program and include this in the appendix of your report.
6. A feedback form to be used during the trial to determine the success of the processes in meeting the goals of CoffeeVille (employer of choice, expansion and use of technology).
Assessment Part A word count: minimum 1800 words to maximum 2000 words.
Part B: Portfolio
Follow the instructions below to prepare a portfolio that you submit for assessment.
1. Develop a trial pack of all the new electronic versions of the forms and documents for the recruitment, selection and induction processes.
2. Include a copy of the feedback form that you developed in Part A, question 6.
3. Provide this pack to two (2) people and ask them to review the process and complete the forms as they would if looking to hire a new Barista for CoffeeVille.
4. Collect all completed forms and feedback from trial group and collate the results. Identify any issues raised and write a summary on what worked well and what didn't (approximately 100 words). Original feedback forms must also be submitted.
5. Make all necessary adjustments to the proposed policies, procedures and forms to reflect the feedback you have received. List the changes and submit the revised documents in your portfolio.

Appendix A
Use the following checklist to confirm that you have included the following processes and objectives in the various policies, procedures and forms that you develop for section 3 of your report.
Table A: Recruitment, selection and induction program checklist
Recruitment, selection and induction programs Included in policy and procedure documents
Yes ?
a) process applications across multiple sites
b) future expansion of the business
c) technology opportunities that will improve efficiency and effectiveness
d) use of tools such as psychometric testing, profiling, pre-screening, assessment centres etc
e) use of position descriptions and person specifications
f) letter of offer and contract inclusions such as rates of pay, terms and conditions
g) hiring manager training requirements and options
h) use of outsourcing to specialty service providers, with specific provider details included
i) legal requirements around advertising, offering roles and employment contracts (consider elements such as diversity, equal employment opportunity, anti-discrimination, workplace relations regulations etc.)
j) appropriate timeframes for time sensitive steps such as letter of offer, probationary performance reviews etc
k) management and feedback processes for probationary staff
l) details of how each process will be monitored for compliance and assessed for success

Appendix B
Use the following assessment checklist to confirm that your assessment submission includes all of the required components:
Assessment checklist
Part A: Written report must include:
1. Executive summary 0
2. Analysis of existing policy and procedure framework for recruitment, selection and induction 0
3. Proposal for new policies and procedures 0
Policies, procedures and forms in appendix 0
Covering letter to business owners in appendix 0
Communication strategy 0
Draft email to managers in appendix 0
Feedback form 0
Part B: Portfolio must include: 0
Trial Pack 0
At least two (2) completed feedback form 0
Summary of feedback 0
Revised policy and procedure documents with list identifying changes 0