Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 3 – Evaluation (25%)
Due: before midnight on the 8th of September , 2016
Below are two exercises to be completed for this assessment task.
1. Start each exercise on a new page and attach a combined reference list at the end of the assignment on a new page (not after each exercise) using the Harvard referencing style.
2. State the word count at the end of each exercise.
Answers should be:
• Comprehensive (dealing with all aspects of the question)
• Supported by recent literature- journal articles (published after 2008)
• Applicable to the context described (not just general information about evaluation), and
• No longer than the prescribed length (1 mark will be deducted for each task over the prescribed length) Exercise 1:
A health promotion team plans a program to address rising levels of depression and anxiety among local youth aged 18-24. Based on recommendations from researchers who ran a similar program in the United Kingdom, the Australian team designed an online program as one component of the project.
a) Describe and justify the type of evaluation health promotion officers would use prior to implementing the program ( 5 marks) and
b) Discuss why it may be necessary to evaluate this approach prior to its implementation (5 marks).
Exercise 2:
In response to an identified need, a community with a high proportion of single mother’s implements a community health promotion program to improve the health and educational outcomes of the mothers (and babies).
The program has two main objectives:
Objective 1: To increase program awareness.
To meet this objective the team sets up a social media page providing information about upcoming social, educational and health initiatives as part of the program events and additional links to relevant educational resources. In addition, posters are placed at strategic places throughout town e.g.: shopping centres, doctor’s surgeries and community health offices.
Objective 2: To increase the number of mothers attending program sessions over a 6 month period.
a) Describe ONE relevant process evaluation measure and ONE relevant impact measure for Objective 1 (5 marks).
b) Describe ONE relevant process, impact and outcome evaluation measure for Objective 2 (i.e. 3 measures in total) (5 marks).
References: Support ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS with appropriate scholarly journal references using the Harvard method both in-text and in the reference list (5 marks).