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Due date
Word limit
Assessment weight : 25%
: 5 September 2016 by 23.00 hours : 1000 ±10% words
It is suggested that the goal of financial management in a for-profit business is to make decisions that maximise the value of shares.
(i) Do you agree that seeking maximisation of shareholders’ wealth is an appropriate goal for a corporation? Discuss.
(ii) Should corporations consider the impact of their financial decisions on sustainability and social responsibility? Why or why not. Discuss.
The report should comprise the following sections:
Assignment cover sheet
Table of contents
Body (answers to each question)
Bibliography The report must:
be typed using one-and-a half (1.5) spacing left justified.
use Arial or Times New Roman font size 12.
display a one inch margin on all sides.
appropriately cite reference original work, author(s) etc. Citation and referencing must
conform to Harvard or APA referencing system.
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