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Assignment 2 Project Scoping &Skills (Individual Submission)
Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date
Progress Report Submission I 100 5% 27/08/2016
The progress report you will describe your analysis of the unfinished and proposed changes. At this time you should be able to take stock of your skills and abilities and match them against the project requirements. This information could also be used by group when partitioning project responsibilities. As the project solution requires knowledge of technologies and skill you will have had little access to you will have to make some plans towards acquiring the necessary abilities.This is an individual submission assignment.
For External and Internal Students
The document report is to be submitted in the link provided on the discussion list for the course.
Internal Students
For internal students on top of the submission you will also need to make a 5 minute appointment with the course leader during the report week to present and discuss your progress in person.
Project Progress Report I
The first project report is in regards to your progress you have made in reaching the third assignment requirements (the Project Proposal Documentation).
This section has 4 Parts to address.
This is a primary review of the project and our abilities. You will need to walk through the application and its functions and think about how the system works. The report will be 3-4 pages in length and contain the following sections.
Part A (30 Marks)
The sections you identify in here are only an exercise. We will propose sections to be implemented in the next document as a group.
• Identify the major sections that need to be done in the project to make it useful to the customer.
• Identify sections that you believe can be added later to finish the project. Things that is not absolutely necessary in your opinion for the system to be useful to the customer.
• One of the first major tasks will be to move the information from the in memory database into a more persistent storage. This means using a file based database as opposed to the current memory based one. Discuss what your plans are and what research you have done in regarding to making the necessary changes.
Part B (20 Marks)
Personal skill and experience inventory. We are looking at an honest evaluation of your ability and experience looking at what’s required for the project.
• Identify your current skills and experiences that you possess and map them to the project sections that you believe you could do right now
• Identify skill and knowledge that you will need to acquire in order to be able to finish the major sections of the project
• Identify the time frame and processes you will follow to acquire the necessary skills in order to be able to finish the project
Part C (30 marks)
Evaluate the project in terms of activities as you understand them and suggest any improvements to the overall design and functionality
• Identify the sections of the application that will need special attention or more time on your part to implement
• Identify major activities of the application in terms of data movement and processes that the system goes through
• Identify section that you believe you would be able to contribute to the team to be able to finalise the project
• What other features would you recommend we build into the system to make it support the business needs better. (you are not going to be asked to implement them so feel free to think outside the box)
Part D (20 marks)
Evaluation of your progress through the HOL ( installed and attempted as specified in submission 1.
• In one paragraph describe your progress through the HOL tutorial. Identify any difficulties you had and how you managed or are planning to work through (study, research, reading, workshops and so on)
• Identify technologies you found the most interesting and that you would like to be involved in the team project implementation
• Attach a screenshot of working on the section in HOL that you find the most interesting.