Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2
Needs Assessment (20%) Due before midnight on the 18th of August 29, 2016 Answers should be:
• Comprehensive (dealing with all aspects of the question)
• Supported by recent literature (published after 2010)
• Applicable to the context described (not just general information about needs assessment), and
• No longer than 1000 words
• 12 font with 1.5 to 2 line spacing
• Must be a word document of PDF
• Must include both in-text referencing and a reference list
Exercise: A local council wishes to establish a youth centre in a suburb of 5,000 people, but wants to ensure that this entity is viable. The community is rapidly growing due to the subdivision of an area previously used for dairy farming. The council is responding to requests for a meeting place for the youth.
a) Discuss the community characteristics the council would need to consider when planning a needs assessment and justify your decisions with supporting references (4 marks). b) Identify two data sources that could be used to obtain these data and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each source with supporting references (4 marks).
c) Discuss two strategies (methods) that could be used to a better understanding of the unmet needs in the youth of this town. Provide evidence (references) that these methods of gathering information are appropriate in this age group (e.g. cite other studies that have used this method in this age group). (4 marks)
d) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each strategy with supporting references (4 marks). Referencing = (4 marks)