Recent Question/Assignment

The capability portfolio is intended as a means for students to demonstrate their understanding of theoretical perspectives offered by the disciplines of business and organisation studies. Specifically, it is expected that the capability statements will address processes and practices relating to organisational design and structure, people management.
one essay (1200 words covering this two topic using the attached file as a ref )
1. Describe contemporary organisational structures.
2. Explain contemporary people management practices.
Each student is expected to construct a capability portfolio made up of two essays (1,200 words per essay). Each essay should take the form of an evidentiary statement that demonstrates the student’s engagement with business studies/organisational studies literature. Specifically, students are expected to address an indicative range of theoretical perspectives on processes and practices that relate to organisational structures, people management,. Students are expected to draw on the Essential and Recommended Readings as set out in this Learning Guide.