Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 1 Literature Review is related to course learning outcomes numbers 1, 2, 3 5, 6. It gives you the opportunity to enhance your research, analysis, and presentation and written communication skills. You will hand in your written report on Monday 22nd August. You will be assigned a time to present in weeks 7-10
Task: In this Assessment item, you will pick one article from the list of articles provided on the course Moodle site. Based upon this article you will write a 1000-1500 word essay with a minimum of 8 academic references that describes and evaluates all of the following characteristics:
1. The topic of the article
2. The objective of the article
3. The methodology and means of analysis used in the article
4. The argument advanced in the article
5. The conclusions/findings of the article
6. The implications for managers/management during organisational change processes
In addition, you will need draw upon the first 6 parts of the essay to critically analyse the argument in terms of its:
7. Strengths
8. Weaknesses
Lastly, you will present the information contained in your essay to the class in a 7-10 minute presentation.
Both your essay and your presentation should include 8 other academic/practitioner articles. In using these articles you can link your article to existing research on the topic and/or alternative approaches to the topic.
Please use the APA reference style