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(CSW) CHCCS500B Assessment 4 V1A
Assessment 4:: Case Study
Student Instructions
This assessment is designed to allow you to demonstrate how you would respond to the client’s individual needs when conducting an assessment.
You will be assessed on your ability to:
• Be able to work with the client to analyse and prioritise their needs
• Describe the process to ensure the client is aware of how information is used, their rights and empowerment to make decisions.
• Apply the use of appropriate assessment tools to ensure decisions are made using all relevant information.
• Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to determine appropriate services for the client, consider risks and apply risk management strategies for the safety of the client and yourself.
Read the following Case Study and clearly outline the process you would use to work with this client.
A young woman, Carly, walks into your service and is in obvious distress. She has a baby in a pram and a toddler of about 2 or 3 beside her.
All are crying and the mother has bruising evident on her face and arm. She is telling the receptionist that her partner has come home drunk and ‘gone mental’ and has accused her of all sorts of things that are not true.
When she tried to defend herself he lost his temper and hit her repeatedly and then turned on the children saying they were not his anyway.
She managed to grab the kids and get them packed into the car before he hit them, but now she has no money and nowhere to go.
What do you do?
It may be helpful for you to use dot points to step through the process you would use with this client.
Remember to consider organisational policy and procedures in relation to this situation and assume that your organisation will be in a position to assist. Upload your completed document to your tutor for marking here:
What I would do in line with my organisation’s policy is to provide the following:
Calm Carly and her children first by providing them cold water to drink
Establish Carly and her children in comfortable, private position to rest
Wait for certain amount of time to elapse before interviewing Carly
Involve other work colleagues with specialist knowledge & skills in working with victims of domestic violence
Conduct intake assessment with Carly to get the rest of her story
I will get some external drug & alcohol/relationships counselling organisations contacted as contingency plan should Carly’s partner agree to get help. Then, I will
Try to ring and invite Carly’s partner to come over (if he wished) but before then;
With Carly’s consent, we will display copy of Intervention Order Form to indicate to Carly’s partner that if there are no improvements in his attitude towards Carly and their children Intervention Order might be the last resort, habeas corpus, etc.
Preparation and safety measures I will adopt before Carly’s partner arrives will include the following”
Move Carly and her children to another safe location before her partner’s arrival
Get 000 handy in case Carly’s partner shows up and demonstrates threatening behaviours
After the interview with Carly I would arrange a temporary accommodation for her and the children
Along with Carly, we will make appointment with relevant organisation for further assistance such as Partners in Prevention which is a network of professionals working in Victoria with children and young people in the primary prevention of violence against women
Information, support and advocacy
Referrals to legal advice, financial assistance, longer term housing and appropriate community resources and ensure
Confidentiality of Carly’s information, etc.