Recent Question/Assignment

the topic must concern some engineering aspect of safety equipment.
Write a brief research proposal in NOT MORE THAN FOUR PAGES to include the following headings:
TITLE - must clearly refer to the project as research
ABSTRACT - must sum up the important points of the project in no more than a dozen lines.
INTRODUCTION - must 'put the reader in the picture' about the essentials of the project and how you intend to conduct it.
BACKGROUND - must outline previous work with citations, the need for the project, possibilities etc.
METHODOLOGY - how you will go about the project, what apparatus you will need, what experiments you will perform, what data you will get.
TIMELINE - when you will conduct each part of the project - show this in Gantt chart form.
ANALYSIS - how you will process the data that you get from your experiments to reach a conclusion
CONCLUSION - what the results from performing the project should show you
BIBLIOGRAPHY - list of references in Harvard format (see the library links). (These can be fictitious if your project is imaginative) They must include references to printed work, not just the web.
For this exercise in proposal writing the novelty can be imaginative and does not have to obey the rules of physics.
But remember that the essential point of a research proposal is the programme of work to be carried out, not just the 'bright idea'.
Each semester the topic is changed a little.
The main purpose of this assignment is to see if you can write something yourself, unaided.
If ANY material is copied from the web or any other source, it will be penalised, may get zero marks and may result in disciplinary action, so use your imagination instead of Google.
If you allow another student to copy any of your work, you will BOTH be penalised.