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Assessment 1: Case Management
Student Instructions
This assessment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in case management practices and protocols including:
• Develop and utilise case management processes appropriate to implementing statutory requirements
• Implement appropriate processes to facilitate client setting of goals and participation in case management processes
• Establish and monitor a case management plan.
You will be assessed on your ability to:
• Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills
• Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills
• Demonstrate knowledge of case management approaches and suitability to meet client’s needs
• Show evidence of negotiation and conflict resolution strategies used to facilitate client goal setting and participation in the process, and agree on specific goals and actions with the client
• Apply monitoring of outcomes and analysis to identify adjustments that may be required.
You are a case manager at MissionOZ Community Centre which provides the following community services for the local community:
• Youth advocacy
• Grief and loss counselling
• Family counselling
• Housing assistance
• Domestic violence support.
Using the provided case study students are to –
Research the case management models and submit a report including the following

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