Recent Question/Assignment

• To give the student the chance of analyzing a company through the help of given case study to narrow the scope for them. This assignment gives the opportunity to students to investigate new area of study totally related to consumer behavior theories but happened in the real life and to fully understand why we need to understand consumers.

• Students will be able to analyze case study afterward and connect theories to the real situations to learn more and use it in the future.
• Students are expected to use ONE relevant consumer behavior theory/concept in their case analysis of the given case study.

i. Executive summary/abstract (at least one page)
ii. Introduction (at least one page)
iii. Body (content/analysis)
iv. Conclusion (at least one page)
v. Recommendations
vi. References

Other requirements:
1. Formatting: Arial/ Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and 1.5 spacing.
2. Number all the pages of your assignment.
3. At least 10 pages of report.