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HLTEN509B Applying legal and ethical parameters to nursing practice

Assessment Task 2 – Case Studies
Discuss the two case studies below, in each case: (50%)
Length 1000 words (500 each case study not including references)
Clearly state the problem
Consider the problem within its context and attempt to distinguish between ethical, medical, social and legal problems.
Consider the four principles
Autonomy: what does the patient prefer?
Beneficence: What are the benefits to the patient?
Non-maleficence: what are the risks and how can they be avoided?
Justice: How are the interests of different parties to be balanced?

Identify the ethical conflicts
What are the conflicts and how do you intend to resolve them?

Consider the law
Identify relevant laws and how they might guide management

Make your ethical decision
Clarify the problem – what has to be decided?
Evaluate – facts, beliefs, benefits and risks.
Decide – what you are going to do and why.
Monitor – how would you adjust your decision as time went by?

Case Study 1

Anna is 14 years old girl and was diagnosed with leukemia 6 years ago. She has had one bone marrow transplant which failed and the oncologist is recommending another transplant. She has been in to hospital more than 20 times. Anna does not want another transplant and wants to be released from hospital and have all treatment discontinued. Her parents are very upset over Anna’s decision. Anna is intelligent and understands the probable consequences of her decisions.

Case Study 2

John is 25 years old and was involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in quadriplegia. John is being cared for by his wife at home. And you are visiting as a community nurse. While you are visiting they ask you questions that clearly indicate they are considering euthanasia.

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