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Processing reservations
You work in a large international hotel. Explain how and when you think you should:
o prepare the reception area and the equipment used during check-in and departure
o check new reservations against guest histories and why this should be done
o record and process reservations
o allocate rooms according to guests’ requirements
o notify other staff of any special needs or requests
o confirm reservations
o compile and distribute arrival lists
Welcoming and farewelling guests
Explain, in detail, how you would welcome guests to a bed and breakfast establishment and the information that you might supply to all incoming guests. Then explain the procedures you would follow when farewelling guests. What processes need to be concluded before the guest can leave and how do you make sure that guests leave with a favourable last impression? What final services should you offer a guest?

· Choose an organisation with which you are familiar. It might be one in which you have worked, stayed or visited.
Describe the procedures you might need to follow to:
o use the paging system
o organise a taxi for a guest
o issue a safety deposit box
o deal with urgent requests and priority situations
o prepare occupancy and departure lists
o record and report no-show and late arrivals
o finalise guest accounts
o distribute appropriate reports to the various departments in your organisation