Recent Question/Assignment

· Your restaurant has accepted a booking of 50 people for a wedding reception. The reception guests are due to begin arriving at 7.00 pm. The wedding party have chosen a four course set menu—leek and potato soup, pasta entrée, main course of pork medallions and dessert of white chocolate mousse with marinated strawberries. White wine, red wine, water glasses and champagne flutes need to be set on the table. The cost is $115 per head plus a $500 room hire fee with a $1,000 deposit already paid. The account will be paid in full by the host at the end of the evening.
Complete the questions and tasks:
1. Draw a floor plan showing how you will organise the tables for the wedding reception.
2. Draw a diagram of a table setting for one person to show the cutlery, glassware, cruets and table decorations that would be used.
3. How will you prepare the restaurant to ensure comfort and a suitable ambience?
4. Explain (in detail) the mise en place procedures you will follow to ensure that the dining area is fully organised prior to the arrival of the first guests.
5. How many staff would be required to set up the dining area?
6. How long do you think it would take to set up the dining area?
7. How will you serve the drinks throughout the reception?
8. How many staff would be required to serve and clear the meals?
9. A food and beverage attendant arrives late for work after the staff briefing. What information should be shared with this staff member?
10. When and how often will you check that the host is happy with the wedding reception?
11. How would payment for the meal be organised? What will be the total of the bill minus the deposit?
12. On arrival the host informs you that two extra people will be attending the reception. One of the extra people attending is allergic to gluten. Explain how you would deal with this situation and what will need to be considered.
13. Explain (in detail) the procedures you would use to clear and close down the dining area when the guests have all left.
30word Due on 30th