Recent Question/Assignment

Due date is 27th may 2016-05-22 but i need it on 26th may 2016-05-22

1. You are a first year RN and you have been working in the medical ward for the past four months. Your friend David from University has also started on the ward about eight weeks ago. It is time for your meal break and you had negotiated with the shift coordinator to have your meal break at the same time as your friend David. When you go to collect your friend (for a meal break) you notice that he is giving an Intravenous medication to a patient but from your experience of administering this medication you know that it requires further dilution prior to being administered intravenously. David has administered half of the medication already as you approach him. You explain to David that he needs to stop administering the drug and why. David tells you he has checked the medication with an RN and she was happy so continues administering the medication. The patient asks David if he knows what he is doing and he says yes. You check with another RN and discover that you were indeed right.
Section 1: Student is required to describe all aspects of the critical incident including what should have happened/correct procedure.
Section2: Analyse what may have caused this situation to occur – identify all the players in the situation and their role. This requires the student to have critical awareness of all of the information and bring it together (synthesise) in a way that demonstrates the depth of the understanding about the incident without being too wordy
Section 3: Describe how you are to respond to the incident. Describe the action you must take
The essay will need to have a minimum of 10 recent (5 years or less) peer reviewed articles or credible (government/lead organisation) websites. You should use the literature to support your ideas and response to the critical incident. Please ensure that you follow the school of Nursing & Midwifery referencing style.
Please identify in the introduction which option/scenario you have chosen. The entire essay must be no longer than 3000 words including in text references and tables(but not the reference list).