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ITSA 2006
WEEK - 8
Week 8 Assignment Topic
There are many benefits to an IT organization when choosing to implement a server virtualization. Following are some important benefits why an organization should choose server virtualization. Select any three benefits from the list and explain each one of them in detail. The detail should include benefit summary, example of an organization which achieved the benefit through virtualization and what was their strategy / approach / solution.
Class Presentation: 5 minute presentation per student
Deadline: 29/05/2016
Words: 1200 to 1250
Reference Style
In this course, the Harvard reference style is prefered. Pelase familiarize yourself with the style. Your ability to use proper academic style will form part of the Assessment.
Note that plagiarism or Copy/Paste from Google or any sources is NOT acceptable. Your works will be checked with special software. The source of all material must be clearly cited, whether it be published or unpublished, and all assistance, whether in writing or orally, must be acknowledged.
1. Save energy, go green
2. Reduce the data center footprint
3. QA/lab environments
4. Faster server provisioning
5. Reduce hardware vendor lock-in
6. Increase up-time
7. Improve disaster recovery
8. Isolate applications
9. Extend the life of older applications
10. Help move things to the cloud
Assignment Submission
Note that assignment must be sumitted electronically to moodle.
Assessment Criterian
Following is the criteria.
Criterion Mark
Clarity of ideas, discussion and examples
(coherent and well-structured piece of writing) /3
Relevance to selected benefit /10
(accuracy of referencing and relevance to topic. Use of primary data) /2
Presentation /5