Recent Question/Assignment

1 Write a report on implementing a health and safety program for a workplace. You will need to research the requirements of your state or territories’ health and safety legislation.
Overview of the workplace—industry, products and services, main work practices.
Health and safety legislation for your jurisdiction:
Specific and relevant health and safety legislative requirements.
Ramifications of failure to observe requirements.
How is health and safety information to be provided? Include accessibility.
How are organisation health and safety procedures, health and safety signage and safe work practices going to be monitored? Include how you will monitor ongoing compliance.
List of safe work practices.
What are the consultation and feedback processes going to be and how will they be implemented?
How will you refer or resolve an issue raised through health and safety consultation?
How are hazards going to be identified?
How are the risks going to be assessed?
How are risk controls measures going to be implemented and monitored?
What training will be provided? Include when, where and by who, and how effectiveness will be monitored.
What records and reports are going to be kept and how the data will be used to provide reliable and timely input to the management?
You should dedicate at least one-third of a page to each question, not including samples of tools you might plan using. List the references that you used—current/ sample policies, websites, fact sheets, the health and safety legislation and people with whom you liaised (reference list). Include the tool samples at the end of the project (appendix).
Upload your report for assessment.