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· Select an organisation with which you are familiar to provide the context for this project. The organisation can be your current or previous workplace, a business with which you are familiar or a sporting or social club that you belong to.
You have been asked to purchase a new laptop computer. It must have a larger than standard screen, be light and be Blue tooth enabled. Provide the following information relating to the purchase.
o explain how you will attain product knowledge about the item to be purchased
o describe the purchasing strategy for laptops of the organisation
o describe your role as it relates to purchasing
o describe your authority in relation to purchasing
o create a purchase specification
o identify the purchasing method most appropriate to this purchase
o create a purchase order
o what approvals will you need to obtain
o will you need to get a quotation from potential suppliers? How many should you get?
o what criteria will you use to select a supplier
o what do you need to do in order to place an order/make the purchase
o what arrangements do you need to make in order to receive the goods/services
o once you have taken receipt of the purchase who do you need to advise?
o describe what steps you will take in order to check that the goods received comply with specifications
o identify any relevant codes of conduct and legislation
o if they are found to be non-complaint what action will you take?
o explain the process for registration of new assets
o what purchase records need to be kept?
o how are purchase records filed and stored?
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