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For this Assessment (Portfolio) you will be asked to read just 1reading (choose 1 if they are two readings for 1 question) you can read one or two of the readings key if you have time, But you will Discuss OR Answer one or two questions with 150 to 200 words per question. If you choose to discuss or to answer two questions still 150 to 200words for each week.

You are required to complete 10 entries (ten weeks), one for each weekly topic in this unit.
Your reflection should incorporate correctly referenced academic content.

Text book
Mingst, K. (2010). Essentials of international relations. New York: W.W. Norton.

Discussion and Readings
Chapter 1 of the textbook.
Library OneSearch - Huntington, S., Clash of Civilisations. 1993
• Question to Discuss:

• Who are the main actors in international relations?
• What is Huntington's main argument in Clash of Civilisations?

• Discussion and Readings
• Chapter 3 from text
• Fukuyma, End of History:

• .

• Library OneSearch - Beukel, E., Analysing the View of Soviet Leaders on Nuclear Weapons. 1980 .
• Question to discuss:

• What does a liberal approach to international relations look like?
• Is Liberalism a realistic perspective in the 21st Century?
• What does Fukuyma's response reveal about the context in which it was written?

• Discussions and Readings
• Chapter 2 from the text
• Library OneSearch - Makinda, Sovereignty and Global Security. 1998.

• Question to Discuss:

• Why has realism been as popular as a theoretical perspective in international relations?

• Describe a current international issue from a realist perspective.

• Week04
• Discussions and Readings
• Chapter 3 from the text book

• LibraryOne Search: Budd, Adrian, -Traditionalist Marxism: A Critique- In Contemporary Politics 12/2007, Vol 13. Issue 4, pp 331 - 347.

• Question to Discuss:

•How does Marx see the international system?

•How is a Marxist perspective relevant to the study of current IR?

• Week 05
Discussions and Readings
• Chapter 8 from the text
• Library OneSearch - Rothschild, What is Security. 1995
Question to Discuss:

•What can IR contribute to our understanding of security?
•Why does war occur?

• Week 06
• Discussions and Readings
.Chapter 9 from the text
• Library OneSearch - Oatley, Thomas -American Interests and IMF Lending- International Politics, 09/2004, Vol 41, Issue 3, pp 415 - 429.
• Library OneSearch - Rodrik, D., Goodbye Washington Consensus hello Washington Confusion. 2006.

•How do the IMF and World Bank work together?
•What is the Washington Consensus?
•How does the G20 impact on IR?

• Week 07
• Discussions and Readings
• Chapter 4 from the text
• Library OneSearch - Villa-Vicencio, C., Why perpetrators should not always be prosecuted: Where the International Criminal Court and truth commissions meet. 2000

Question to Discuss:

•Are norms relevant in IR?
•What is the purpose of the ICC?

Discussions and Readings
• Chapter 7 of the text
• World Trade Organisation website - 10 Benefits of the WTO trading system
Question to Discuss:
•How did the WTO evolve over time?
•How important do you see the WTO as to IR?

• Week09

Discussions and Readings
Chapter 4 of the text
• Library OneSearch - Slim, H., Dithering Over Dafur? A Preliminary Review of the International Response. 2004
Question to Discuss:

•What is the UN's role in relation to human rights?
•What institutional issues does the UN face?

• week10
• Discussions and Readings
• Chapter 10 of the text

• Library OneSearch - Vetlesen, A., Genocide: A case for the responsibility of the bystander. 2000.
Question to Discuss:
•Is there a norm of R2P (responsibility to protect) in international relations?
•Who is responsible for executing the R2P doctrine? States or the international community.

Significant references and resources
All journal articles included in the readings are available via the ECU library’s One Search
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University Press.

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