Recent Question/Assignment

-Critically explain the three forms of restructure.In your answer detail why firms restructure, giving a comprehensive example for each form.Provide an explanation of the errors firms should avoid when restructuring. You should include references to current strategic management academic journals and examples of competing firms-.
Strategic Management – Group Assignment
1. Introduction
2. The relationship between strategic management and3 forms of restructure: Corporate level strategy = diversification by merger and acquisition = restructure
3. Detail the 3 forms of restructure:
- Downsizing
- Downscoping
- Leveraged buyouts
Why firms restructure, example of each form
4. Articulate the advantages and errors of each of the 3 types of restructure and their effects upon corporate competitive performance (increase or decrease performance of firms) by examples from the industry (choose some companies to be examples)
5. Demonstrate an engagement with the body of knowledge and fundamental issues surrounding restructure by providing reference to academic literature (references) in the field to support critical comment
6. Conclusion
Word count - 5500.