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Key Information
Unit Code and Title ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting Theory
Assessment mode Written report (Critical review and analysis)
Assessment type Major assignment (Individual)
Tentative length 5000 words - Plus or Minus 10% (e.g. 4500 - 5500 words) You may be penalised if your words are significantly above or under this range
Marked out of 100
Weighting 50%
Due date Week 12 (Friday, 3 Jun 2016, 11.45 PM AEST)
Late submission penalty 5% (1.5 mark) per day (out of weighted marks)
Extension NOT permitted unless evidence that is compelling and reason beyond outside of your control (e.g. serious illness)
Marked assessments return date This assessment will not be returned until final grades for this course is approved. Students are advised to check the
Moodle site after that time.
Underlying aim
This assignment aims at assisting students to learn and develop the following key skills:
x Researching x Reviewing literature x Critical analysis and evaluation x Communication
This assessment assesses the following learning outcomes as identified in the Course Profile for ACCT20074:
x Identify critical issues in the accounting and accounting theory.
x Explain the financial reporting environment especially with respect to corporate social reporting.
x Critically assess the reporting practices of the two case companies.
Assignment background
Environmental (Social) and sustainability reporting (CSR) is now a major issue around the world. There are even global guidelines for sustainability reporting (the Global Reporting Initiative-GRI). However, CSR reporting is still un voluntary choice of an individual reporting therefore there is considerable variation in information reported by different companies. This has undermined the consistency and comparability of information disclosed by various companies making interested users to difficult assess the their social and environmental performance.
Please complete the following tasks:
Task 1
Provide a report summarising the purpose of Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR) by referring to the Global Reporting Initiatives' (GRI) Sustainability Framework (G3.1).
[Note: you may include in your summary report - a clear description of what sustainability reporting is, what the GRI is doing, and critical assessment the success of their effort to date].
Task 2
Identify two ASX Top-500 companies multinational companies (available at and compare their reporting on economic, environmental and social aspects in their annual reports and standalone sustainability reports for the reporting year ending 2014.
[Note: Download their annual report for the reporting period ending 2014 to complete these tasks]
Task 3
Discuss how the two companies (discussed in Task 2 above) managed 'legitimacy' through reporting (i.e. CSR information disclosure) from the perspectives of systems oriented theories.
[Note: Systems oriented theories include Legitimacy theory, Stakeholder theory and Institutional theory]
Format and presentation of the report
Format x Cover page showing the title of the report, the author (Student name and ID number) and the word count (not included in the word count) -
x Executive summary/Abstract outlining key summary of the report (1/4 to 1/2 page)
(not included in the word count) - 5 marks x Table of contents (not included in the word count)
x An introduction telling the reader what the report is about, what it cover and how and how it is structured - 5 marks
x The answer itself of all 3 assignment tasks o Task 1 - 25 marks o Task 2 - 25 marks o Task 3 - 25 marks
x A conclusion/summary - 5 marks
x References/Quality of writing - using Harvard referencing style (not included in the word count) - 10 marks
x appendices (if applicable – not included in the word count)
Your report should be presented complying with the followings:
x 1.5 line spacing x Times New Roman 12 point font x 2.0 cm margins on all sides
x Clearly label section and subsection (if applicable)
Note: There are marks allocated for format and presentation. Make sure you comply with them all.
Citation and referencing (Must use Harvard referencing style)
This is investigative research assignment and therefore, use of literature and appropriate citation and reference is expected. Make sure that you use types of literatures that are considered credible and authentic. They may include:
x Journal article (peer reviewed only)
x Book x Thesis
x Government regulation or policy document x Court case (decisions) x CPA and CIAA article x Media report x New paper article
Do not use x Wikipedia x Blogs x Google articles

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