Recent Question/Assignment

Program: Bachelor of Business
Subject Name: Advanced Business Communication
Subject Code: BAS22 A; B or C
Method / Type: Report and Presentation
Assessment No.: Three (3)
Group or Individual: Group
Length: 800 words (+ / – 10%) for the report. Plus 5-10 slides on PowerPoint
Total Marks: 100 (75 for report & 25 for Presentation)Weighting: 20%
Semester / Year: 3 / 2015
Submission Date: Week 10
Lecturer’s Name: Sue Cameron (
• Working in groups of 2/3students will complete a written report in Word, based on one of the two business case studies attached below in electronic form
• Students will need to conduct other research on the organisation and determine the effectiveness of the various forms of communication used by the organisation and if this attributed to its failure
• The findings will be presented as a report to senior management (please check with How to write a report on Moodle at the top of the page)
• The report will also be presented to the class in short form using PowerPoint. To be between 5 -10 minutes in duration
• Please everyone upload both the report and presentation onto Turnitin on Moodle by the due date
1. Enron Corporation
2. ABC Learning

Structure of the Report:
Using the How to write a reportas on Moodle follow the structure as on Slide 3.
NB. Reports contain headings unlike essays. For headings use a larger font, bold but not underlined
Please ensure your report:
• Includes a title page including your name(s), student ID (s) subject name and number assessment title and number, plus the topic name, addressed to and the date in the correct format
• Is 800 – 1,000 words (+/- 10%) words long (length as a guide only)
• Submitted electronically onto in Word format, Arial or Calibri font, 12 pt., 1.5 line spacing
• Is of a professional standard (spelling, grammar, punctuation)
• Insert a footer containing the page number or go straight to Insert page number and click on Bottom of the page and select Bold 3
• Use Show/Hide and Print Preview to ensure that your layout is correct (i.e. margins and spaces)
• Your report should be written in the 3rd person
• Must have references and structured in the Harvard Style of Referening
• Read the following marking forms which will assist with the writing of your report and presentation
Structure of the Presentation:
• Firstly read the Marking Form carefully so you know what you are assessed on
• Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (visual aid) of up to 15 numbered slides (2 slides per minute)
• If you have not used PowerPoint before you need to read the Notes on Moodle and ask your lecturer for any assistance
• Use graphics / pictures on your PowerPoint slides
• Use either 28 or 34 size fonts and only 3 – 4 key points on each slide
• Both students to share the preparation and delivery of the oral presentation equally
• The presentation should take no longer than 10 minutes (marks will be deducted if too long)
• Please practice your presentation and look at your audience not just at PowerPoint
Plagiarism Statement:
• An intentional or unintentional Plagiarism is deemed by GCA as cheating and is completely unacceptable u The assessment must be formatted in the students own words. Where the internet is used for research, a reference list must be listed as an appendix at the end of the assignment. The Harvard referencing system must be applied.
• Any plagiarism will result in a ZERO mark for that assignment. This includes the submission of assignments that are not the student’s own work or does not acknowledge the work of others.
By submittingthisassessmentinMoodle,youunderstandandagreetotheplagiarismpolicyofGCA.
NB. When you upload your assessment onto Moodle please name it as the Group number and your student ID number
ReportMarking Form (marked by the lecturer)
Student Name: Student ID Number: Name of case study

Excellent Good Average Not Adequate Poor
5 4 3 1 0
Clear and purposeful
Well organised and logical
Appropriate structure
Excellent Good Average Not Adequate Poor
5 4 3 1 0
Business Language is clear and concise
Free of grammar and spelling errors
Good paragraph structure
Overall presentation
Excellent Good Average Not Adequate Poor
5 4 3 1 0
Use of varied sources
Recognised referencing style (Harvard)
Recognised reference/bibliography layout
Quality of sources used
Excellent Good Average Not Adequate Poo r
5 4 3 1 0
Was the topic/question answered?
Mature understanding of the material
Understanding of what is important
Independent thought used
Overall comments:
Total Mark: / 75
Worth /Weight: 10%

Presentation Marking Form
Student Name(s) Student ID Number(s) Name of case study

Item Value Mark given Comments
Well groomed and dressed appropriately 1
Effective opening and Introduction 3
Interesting content 2
Understood the case study and outlined the issues and solutions 3
Effective closing or summary and any recommendations 2
Kept the audience’s interest 1
Worked well as a team 1
Clear and easy to understand visual aids 2
Requested questions and answered them correctly 1
Clearly spoken and easy to understand 1
Used graphics 1
Kept PP simple with a min of 32 size font 2
Had 5 – 10 slides 1
Had obviously practised 4
Total Marks 25

Weighing: 10%
Overall Feedback:
Lecturer: Sue Cameron Date: