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Your Prepare a Project For for a new Interface Design project for a SMART Home Heating control panel
Prepare a detailed design document for the user interface for your project. Your design document should be based on your Project Requirements and Scope document and your Project Design proposal.
Your design document should include the following sections, as a minimum:
Design overview;
Project scope;
Business and User requirements;
Key assumptions;
Use Cases;
Design process to be used;
Interface Design, including the following sections with justification for use:
All screen layouts;
All components identified, with justification for their use;
Workflow diagrams for major tasks (if required);
Use of colour, frames and sections (if required);
Help and user assistance functions;
Use of icons (if required);
User task navigation;
Usability testing and evaluation, including the following sections with justification for use:
Evaluation aims;
Evaluation methodology;
Test audience selection and ethical considerations;
Evaluation experiments;
Analysis methodology and procedures.
This is the final design for your project so all the sections in the document should be complete in all
Your design document should not exceed ~25 pages in length, excluding references. You will need to reference all literature, applications and websites using the APA 6th edition referencing style
The presentation requirements for this assignment are:
This assignment must be completed using the ITC504_Project_Design template that is located in the Interact 2 ITC504 Content Collection;
All design drawings must be:
Placed in the appropriate location in the Design document,
Include an appropriate caption;
The document is to be saved in Word format as a single file using the ITC504 Project Design template and must include all design drawings;
Assignments are not to be submitted as a series of separate design drawings files in a zip format collection;
All assignments are to be submitted electronically as a single file through EASTS.
You should also indicate which theories, principles and guidelines you used in creating the concept of your application design.
This assignment must be produced in Microsoft Word format. Diagrams and drawings may be made in any format, but must be inserted into the appropriate page of the assignment document. Diagrams that are supplied as separate files will NOT be marked.
You must also include your references in APA format, as per Faculty of Business requirements, on the last page