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Due: Week 12 at end of your tutorial session on Wednesday/Thursday
Your will undertake to answer the following:

1. Identify a beam (e.g: from a bridge underpass or building, or supports a semi-trailer) that supports a significant load.
a) Take a photo(s) of the beam element and ensure you ascertain reasonably accurate dimensions of the beam element
b) Estimate the external loads and hence support conditions on the beam element
c) Draw an accurate Shear Force Diagram (SFD) and Bending Moment Diagram (BMD) for the whole beam.

2. Using the constructed SFD and BMD diagrams,
a) Calculate the elastic bending stress distribution across the critical section.
b) Calculate the shear stress distribution across the critical section.

3. For your chosen beam calculate the maximum deflection using either,
a) The Elastic curve method or b) The Macaulay method.

In a bound report you need to show all your calculations, including explanation of how you worked out external loads on the member. You should have headings and subheadings and include an introduction and discussion of the selected structures.

Editable Microsoft Word Document with all equations solved

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