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Swinburne University of Technology
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology
Alessandro Toffoli,
Dredging Engineering
Assignment 2 (60%)
Deadline: midday, May 23rd, 2016
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This is an open-book assignment. Use your lecture material and, when necessary, search the literature and Internet to answer the questions. Give extended answers to each question. If the question is technical, clearly show all your derivations and solutions. Demonstrate your understanding of the problem; give your reasoning and conclusions in each case.
There is no word/page limit and no limit on amount of pictures/graphs used.
To ensure safe access to the Port of Geelong, maintenance dredging is needed in the South Channel (see Figure 1). The operation will remove a layer of sediment of approximately 0.45m: the first 0.2m of this layer is a highly polluted mud; the remaining 0.25m is sand. The length of the channel requiring maintenance is approximately 3000m; the channel width is 200m.
A possible dumping ground for the sand is suggested in the figure. However, this is not suitable for the mud. An alternative solution for the disposal of mud has to be sought.
Your task is to provide a detailed management plan for this operation. The plan should include, but not necessarily be limited to, Project background & Objectives, Project safety, Environmental issues (Policies, Controls, Impacts, etc…), Dredging Program (be as specific as possible, include dredging requirements, equipment, dredge plume impacts etc), Monitoring/Surveying, Disposal of dredged material, Risks and Contingency Plans. If needed, you can refer to assignment 1 for plume dispersion.
Figure 1. Port Philip Bay, area of maintenance dredging and possible dumping ground.