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HRMT11010 - Organisational Behaviour
Topic 6 – Organisational culture is a powerful but invisible force. Discuss how organisational culture is created, how it’s sustained and is there risk in creating too strong a culture?
Assessment Criteria
This assignment requires you to develop sound academic writing skills. You are required to critically consider the essay question and find supporting evidence for your answer. In answering the topic you must:
Use a minimum of five (5) academic sources. These may be textbooks and/or journal articles that are peer reviewed. This minimum of five sources should not include magazines, even if they are specialist magazines for human resource managers for example. Further details on peer-review journals can be found at the FAQ link on the website.
Not contain long direct quotes from your sources.
Reference the ideas you have taken from your readings. Please note that essays are checked for copying/plagiarism.
Ensure referencing is consistent with APA style of formatting.
Top marks will be given to students who respond directly to the essay topic, analyse and synthesise their sources (compare and contrast), construct a logical, well-organised argument, and produce an assignment that is properly checked, well-expressed and referenced.
The length of the essay is 1500 words +/- 10%. The word count does not include the reference list or the title page.
The essay will be marked according to the criteria that can be found on the FAQ link.
Referencing Style American Psychological Association (APA)
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