Recent Question/Assignment

This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge developed in the IT &
Business Alignment Unit. You are required to apply this knowledge by writing a report for the CEO of your organisation or of an organisation with which you are familiar. The CEO has heard about IT and business alignment but is unfamiliar with all of the issues in this problem space. She knows that you have studied in this area and has come to you with a copy of AS/NZS8019:2015 Corporate Governance of Benefits Realisation for IT Enabled Investments seeking advice on potential adoption.
Your report should identify and highlight the various aspects of IT & business alignment that the Standard will influence. It is critical that you demonstrate an understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of IT & business alignment and of the processes involved. You may choose to cover this discussion in the body of the report or in an appendix. Our unit readings should provide a good grounding for understanding these theoretical and practical implications.
Your report should contain a brief (maybe anonymous) description of the organisation so as to better place the IT and Business Alignment issues in their organisational context. Please submit your report by Moodle with an appropriate cover sheet that shows your name, student number and total number of words.
Weighting: 40% of total unit marks
Length: approximately 4000 words