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This project addresses topics in the course including:
? Effective Business Writing
? Reports and Proposals
? Academic Writing/Research
Task: Communications Plan
Prepare a Communications Plan for an organization
Scope of Task
The communications plan should cover:
• organizational background,
• stakeholders and engagement,
• an online engagement plan, and,
• Advice to the management on future activity/directions.
• Written Report (25%)
Submit as a Word Document
Use Arial font, 12 point, single line spacing
See Attachment A for expected content
Length of Report: 3000-4000 words

Attachment A
Outline Contents - Communications Plan
1. Organizational Background
a. Mission, Vision, Goals/Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
2. Communications Plan
a. Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement Plan
b. Online Communication Strategy
i. Website
ii. Social Media
3. Recommendations to management on future directions/activity
Agricultural Coy
1. Dairy – Fonterra

Criteria Mark
Organisational Background
The extent to which the report covers the organisation’s Mission, Vision, Goals and Key Performance Indicators
Communications Plan The extent to which the reports covers the Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement Plan and
the Online Communication Strategy including the organisation’s Website and Social Media stratgey
to Management A succinct set of at least 5 recommendations to management on future communications for the organization
Comments /15
Referencing Identifying at least 12 references for the topic, referenced properly using Harvard style referencing.
Skills Good written English with suitable grammar, spelling, punctuation, and paragraphing.
A logical report structure with headings and subheadings, covering key topics.
2500-3000 words total. Arial font, 12 point, single spacing.
Comments /20