Recent Question/Assignment

(1750 words)
Students shall choose ONE option from the list below and write a 1750 word essay.
1. Compare and contrast a non-Christian Worldview of your choice with a Christian Worldview.
In addition to a brief overview, choose ONE or TWO key aspects to discuss in more detail (examples include: the origin and nature of the universe, the sense of the ultimate (or nature of God), humanity, spiritual practices, or the nature of the good life).

2. What is the ‘Kingdom of God’ and how does it relate to the Church?
Critically discuss alternative perspectives.
3. What does it mean to be made in the image of God?
Critically discuss a range of perspectives in your answer, and provide a short application of your conclusion to Christian life (application section should be no longer than 400 words).

4. Describe and explain the doctrine of the Trinity.
In your answer, refer to the debates of the early church and allow for dialogue with contemporary developments. Include a short application section (of no longer than 400 words) regarding the relevance of the doctrine of the Trinity to Christian life.
NOTE: Please note that an abstract is required for this assessment. Also, all quotations DO contribute to the word count – however, your abstract, bibliography and footnotes do not.
REFERENCING: In regards to referencing - we suggest that you print out the Alphacrucis Referencing Guide (which follows the Turabian referencing system) from the study skills page of Moodle, so that you are aware of the correct way to reference in your footnotes and bibliography.

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